Saturday, December 5, 2015

Living With Scleroderma (part 2 of 2)

Try To Be Physically Active

Because illnesses give people who have it some source of negative fatigue and as well as pain or stiffness in some parts of the body, most people would tend to be less active and unmotivated. Unfortunately, to keep your body physically strong and to relieve you of stress, you would have to do some physical exercises to keep you healthy. This does not only make you much healthier but would also make you happier with the many things you can do.

Ask your doctor about some exercises you can do despite your condition. Just think about other things that you can do aside from staying in bed and activities of which you enjoy doing such as gardening, playing with grandchildren and having short walks. Take note that you don’t have to do a complete marathon or very strenuous exercises to keep you healthy, the mere fact of having you moving from time to time is already enough to keep you healthy.

Life With Uncertainty

Possibly, the most difficult part when it comes to life with sclerosis could be that things are very uncertain. There no known cure, you would never know what it could lead or you would never know what could happen next, the bitter part of this is that you are not in control. Considering all that, you should know how to live with your condition and you can do this by getting used to it.

Getting used to your condition would take some time, after a while you should already learn what goals in life you should have and what things you can do. You should also choose not to be a victim of your condition, take note that there is a significant difference between a victim of an illness and a person living with disease. How you live is up to you and that would decide how life would be with your condition.

Living With Scleroderma (part 1 of 2)

Scleroderma would definitely affect your life but you have to be aware that you are still living and that to some extent; you still have great control all over yourself. You may not be able to do a lot of things that you have always enjoyed such as sports, being out on the sun for too long and even doing household chores but if you learn how to manage your life greatly, it is still sure that you will enjoy so much there is that life could offer.

The first step in doing so is to humbly accept the changes that scleroderma will bring about. Have a mindset like “now that I have scleroderma, I will…” and much more. You may not be able to do a lot of things that you have enjoyed before but you still have a good life to live and if you manage it well, you will definitely enjoy it.

Take Control

You must be first aware that you are suffering from something that is quite serious and has no known cure. With that, most people with sclerosis would be less social, would think about their health more and would lose loads of self-confidence. You must not think of these too much, you just have to take care of yourself more. Since you are borne with something such as sclerosis, you just have to take control in order for things to be in tune.

Remember that your illness is just a part of your life and there is a much bigger whole to that. Just have a healthy balance of activities as well as clean living and the most important part of that being control. If you are in good control, life with scleroderma will turn out much easier for you.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Help Your Child Cope with Emotional Mood Swings (part 2 of 2)

Literary Therapy
This type of therapy is more helpful for older kids and especially for those who appreciate the value of reading and writing.

Many kids, for instance, have a tendency to question authority and require extra convincing. Literary therapy could work for them if they wish to see substantial evidence that the cure or treatment you’re advocating for is indeed encouraged by “experts” in the field.

These kids may be too young to understand the complexities involved with emotional mood swings, but they’re more than aware of the fact that information found in articles, books, and other research texts hold significant weight.

Literary therapy would also be of greater assistance to you when you look for the best way to help your child cope with and eventually get over his emotional mood swings.

Talk Therapy
Last but not the least, let’s not forget the most inexpensive and yet one of the most effective treatments at all: communication.

Communication prevents any gap from forming between you and your child. Constant communication ensures that you know everything going on with your child and understanding his situation better. Constant communication allows your child to trust you more and feel secure in your love and affection.

Communicate with your doctor. Inform him of your child’s progress and never hesitate to ask for advice.

Communicate with your child’s teachers. Help them understand your child’s mood swings so they, too, can help him get over it.

Communicate with your mutual loved ones because the more love and affection your child receives, the less likely he’ll suffer from mood swings.

Help Your Child Cope with Emotional Mood Swings (part 1 of 2)

It is important to be extra cautious when choosing the right treatment for your child’s emotional mood swings. The wrong decisions can leave invisible scars on your child’s mind and feelings, consequently making his emotional mood swings worse. For best results, it’s important to give non-medicated treatments a chance prior to administering medication for your child.

Behavioral Therapy
Emotional mood swings from your children may simply be a behavioral problem and in such cases, there are various therapeutic treatments available to help your child develop the right behavior and eliminate mood swings.

Mood swings often cause and result to feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, and fear. In worst case scenario, emotional mood swings can force your child to inflict self-harm. Your child needs behavioral therapy in order to determine what causes such actions and how best to prevent it.

This kind of therapy also helps your child understand why he is suffering from mood swings and what he can do in order to think more clearly, feel better, and make smarter decisions in spite of them.

Cognitive Therapy
If emotional mood swings of your child are not a result of an erroneous behavior then perhaps you could address its cognitive aspect and work from there. Some children end up suffering from mood swings simply because they’ve erroneous thinking patterns. Cognitive therapy, however, teaches them to recognize the errors in their thoughts and find ways to improve the pattern and consequently avoid mood swings.

With cognitive therapy, emotional mood swings are lessened in order to make your child more confident and optimistic about interacting with his peers and other people. It will enable him to analyze each and every thing that happens to him without having to resort to mood swings when he finds something he can’t comprehend.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Merchant Account Risk and Security (part 2 of 2)

For service providing banks, chargebacks mean that the merchant or the business owner do not have enough money or have declared private.

There are businesses, by their nature, have higher chargebacks compared with other businesses. Reasons for higher chargeback rates can be brought about by the products themselves that these businesses are selling. High priced and high in demand, like high end electronic devices and jewelry.

Other businesses that are considered to be high risk are adult book stores, adult entertainment, adult novelties, adult video stores, advanced sales, check cashing services, child pornography, collection agencies, credit repair services, dating/escor, diet marketers/ programs, exotic dancing establishments, multi-level marketing, interned pharmacies, pornography, sexual encounters firms, telemarketing, time share, travel clubs/tours/guides and vacation packages.

As protection for these kinds of risks, processing or acquiring banks get a special account called the reserve and put some business owner’s funds there. In cases when a business owner declared bankruptcy or closes down, processing bank are unable to process future chargebacks. So what they do is set up a reserve account to that the processing bank can access the funds held in reserve to cover the chargebacks.

Another risk is called the transaction risk. Processing banks are always facing daily transaction risks whenever they are processing credit cards for the business owners. The risk is mainly around the process of transmitting sales information to the card-issuing bank for collection and reimbursement. Other transaction risks are employee errors, system breakdown of the bank or natural calamity.

Merchant accounts can also have risks in balance with their benefits. There are different ways to counter the risks, but the most effective medicine is early detection.

Merchant Account Risk and Security (part 1 of 2)

Merchant processing through merchant accounts is the way of paying through electronic payment for the business owners. Getting a merchant account and merchant processing involve gathering sales information, obtaining authorization for the transaction, collecting funds from the card-issuing bank, and reimbursing the business owner.

There are risks in opting for merchant processing. Whenever it has something to do with finance, if something goes wrong, someone will definitely lose money. Through merchant processing, it is important that nothing gets wrong with the processing or acquiring banks, or business owners who are with these banks under their merchant accounts can find themselves in mud.

But if the bank is adept management and can control the risks, then merchant accounts can be safe and business can prosper. There can three major or primary risks: strategic risk, credit risk and transaction risk.

Strategic risk is more on the side of bank who is offering the merchant account services.  If the bank management lacks the overall business plan and strategic direction then the bank may encounter some strategic risks.

The second risk is called the credit risk. Credit risk can arise from chargebacks.  Chargebacks have significant effects and risks to the acquirer/ processing bank and to the business owners themselves. Acquirers or bank processors experiences risk to their earnings and capital.

What are chargebacks?

Chargebacks are when customers or persons who have purchased the product would like to refund the purchase from the bank who have issued their credit card. Reasons for refund can different depending on the situation, but commonly, refunds are attributed to dissatisfied customers. With chargebacks, the buusiness owner is not contacted by the dissatisfied customer to resolve the issue.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Knitting Patterns (part 2 of 2)

Interesting knitting patterns can be created through several types of stitches. The various types of knitting used for creating beautiful types of patterns include shadow knitting, slip-stitch knitting, fair-isle knitting, drop-stitch knitting, cable knitting, lace knitting, bias knitting etc. All these types make use of purls, knits and wales to create a variety of design patterns.

Each pattern of stitch can be created keeping in mind the stitch multiples required for that particular pattern. A multiple of 7 means that one can cast on a certain number of stitches that are divisible by 7. A multiple of 9+2 stitches means that one can cast a certain number of stitches that are divisible by 9 along with two extra stitches.

Reversible stitch patterns are of two types. In the first reversible pattern, the stitches on the cloth look similar on both its sides. The stitches on the fabric look different when seen from its both sides in the second reversible pattern. These visual effects add interesting dimensions to the fabric. The different types of reversible stitch patterns include layette, diagonal rib, little pyramids, purled ladder, moss stitch, diamonds etc.

Several websites provide information about knitting patterns with beautiful illustrations and step-by-step guides. One can also avail the books and magazines on designs and patterns.

Be it a cute teddy bear or a chic shawl; cozy little mittens or smart cardigans, one can incorporate interesting knitting patterns to add that extra style to the stuff he knits.